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Uganda 55th Independance Anniversary

Monday, 9th October 2017

Ambassador Dorothy Samali Hyuha, hosted a dinner to celebrate 55th Independence Anniversary at Intercontinental Hotel,Kuala Lumpur, 2nd floor, Grand ball room on Monday, 9thOctober 2017. It was indeed a day to remember as it was the first independence celebration in Malaysia. It was indeed a remarkable, wonderful and honorable occasion.


Message from Hon. Dato’Sri Anifah Aman - Minister of Foreign Affairs Malaysia; “I have the honor to extend my warmest congratulations and best wishes to Your Excellency, On this joyous occasion o fthe 55th Anniversary of the Independence Day of the republic of Uganda. I sincerely hope that our two countries would continue to be engaged in achieving mutually beneficial cooperation, for their well-being and prosperity of our people”.

In her speech, Ambassador Dorothy Samali Hyuha welcomed all the guests and urged them to blend in the jubilation moods as we celebrate Uganda Independence Day. She further introduced this year’s theme“Uganda’s freedom must be anchored in the spirit of hard work, resilience and commitment”. The High Commissioner in her words said, “I am delighted to serve in Malaysia where the Government of Uganda has cordial bilateral relation which have existed of a long time. This long existing relationship and cooperation must be enhanced from strength to strength in economic, commercial and public diplomacy. I wish to specifically recognize and thank the business community present who have honored the invitation and turned up to celebrate with us;MAPE, Cloud 10 and the tourism sector. You have energized me and our business trends between the two sister countries to grow from strength to strength”.

It should be noted that the biggest number of guests who attended were the diaspora. “I am impressed with your active participation in the national event as evidenced here today. Most Ugandan diaspora possess impressive knowledge, skills, talents and financial resources that have already significantly contributed to the host country and home. I encourage all the Uganda Diaspora to register with the Uganda High Commission”, Ambassador Dorothy Samali Hyuha.

She also mentioned that, in recognition of Diaspora contributions to National Development, the Government of Uganda established Diaspora Department at Ministry of Foreign Affairs to specifically handle Diaspora issues.

Dr. Siraj Ssekamate said,” I have been in Malaysia for 23 years but we have never had a national day celebration recognized by the government. It’s a great honor to attend such a great celebration”

With the outstanding performances; dance and poem,the whole event was marvelous. It is a great milestone to have such an occasion. This is a continuation of the great work of the Uganda High Commission Kuala Lumpur.

Source: Uganda High Commission Kuala Lumpur