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Wednesday, 5th September 2018
Hon. Oryem Okello, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs (International Affairs) today 4th-September -2018 met a delegation from the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce headed by the Vice President Amb Datin Halimah Abdullah. The delegation that is on a working visit to Uganda to establish partnerships and explore investment opportunities in the fields of Agriculture, tourism,defence and security and beef processing  for export purposes was accompanied by Uganda's High Commissioner to Malaysia Amb Dorothy Hyuha. 

Hon. Oryem expressed his appreciation to the delegation for choosing to visit Uganda and assured the delegation that this would help them have an independent opinion of the country from what's portrayed by the main stream international media.

The Hon. Minister further informed the visiting delegation that Uganda has an open market economic system with no restrictions on foreign currency management or exchange and its policy was among the most free in Africa. 

Among the advantages of investing in Uganda that he   highlighted for the delegation was the ease of access to regional markets not only in East Africa but to other neighboring countries. 

The Hon. Minister also informed the visiting delegation that Government was heavily investing in the transport sector and that the five days journey to Mombasa for transportation of goods would be reduced to three days when the standard gauge railway from the Ugandan side is completed. This would help reduce on the cost of transport to the port of Mombasa and lower the overall cost of doing business.

Among the other benefits of investing in Uganda that the Minister highlighted for the delegation was the EAC common market, strong security and judicial system based on English common law like Malaysia.

The delegation informed the Hon. Minister of the bilateral cooperation that exists between the two countries with a large number of Ugandan students now studying in Malaysia since both countries share a historical heritage of being members of the common wealth.

The Hon. Minister expressed his gratitude for Malaysia's support to Uganda at the UN and other international organizations and stated that the Malaysian Model of running cabinet like a business was being adopted by the Uganda Government. 

He further stated that to that effect Uganda opened a mission in Malaysia that has since been very beneficial in enhancing the mutual interests of both countries.  The visiting delegation informed the Hon Minister that Malaysia would like to appoint a honorary consul to strengthen links with the Ugandan business community