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Presidents Museveni, Uhuru in Bilatreral Meet

The summit was anchored on the theme of "Advancing Africa's Sustainable Development Agenda and, Partnership for Prosperity."

EAC member states to start single tourist visa next month

President Museveni yesterday offered to implement several reforms East African leaders launched last year and urged other member states to reduce the cost of doing business.

Crane Bank to list on Uganda Securities Exchange in April


Kampala- Ugandans will in the next three-and-half months have an opportunity to own Crane Bank after an announcement

First National Post 2015 Briefing in Uganda

Uganda was selected by the UN Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) to pilot the first Post 2015 Briefing under the Secretary General¢®¯s Initiative to inform key planners and thought leaders about the Post 2015 process.

From 19-20 May 2015, Government and the UN in Uganda (with UNDP and the UN Department for Economic & Social Affairs -UNDESA) conducted a 2-day Post 2015 Briefing for participants from 11 UN agencies, 13 Government Ministries, Parliament, Civil Society Organizationsand Development Partners.

Uganda's Game Park tourists increase

Visitor numbers to the protected areas has increased by 17.5%, the highest rise ever since the creation of the Uganda Wildlife Authority

Increase in global coffee prices not yet impressive, experts say

Despite a slight increase in global coffee prices, farmers should not jubilate yet as the current prices are not yet